Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Penguin Science Fiction Covers

Stumbling upon this incredibly well organised website I was presented with some truly fascinating source material for a new set of colour trend timelines to follow on from my recent Vogue covers work. I got into reading science fiction at an early age and as a designer have always admired penguin covers. It’s nice to see Penguin's iconic orange making a comeback.

Limited edition of 50 signed and numbered A2 42 cm (W) x 59.4 cm (H) archival UV inkjet prints on fine art cotton paper. £40 each including worldwide postage. 

Limited edition of 20 signed and numbered A1 59.4 cm (W) x 84.9 cm (H) archival UV inkjet prints on fine art cotton paper. £65 each including worldwide postage.


  1. My paypal account's all screwed up and I'm worried you're going to sell them all before I can get my dirty mitts on a print!

    Is there any chance you could reserve an A1 for me?

  2. Curious: what are the dimensions of these prints?

  3. A2 is 42x59.4cm A1 is 59.4x84.9cm

  4. I'm planning to release a super limited number of A0 84.1 cm (W) x 118.9 cm (H) prints of this soon, contact me if you're interested!

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  6. I do like old science fiction book covers Penguin,as well as all the more offensive publishers also.And after that there's the hot world of the pulp magazines and so forth.For me the exemplary time is the 1960s and 70s-the move far from quasi-imperialistic and rather preservationist fantasies including spaceships and aliens towards more warped, anarchic visions of exasperating oppressed worlds and chaotic chronicles of inner space.Yet at the same time -some great art delivered in the 80s -with it's typically airbrushed look-and all the more as of late also.